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Speech Therapy Team

Communication is the key to connecting with the world around us. For children with speech impairments, navigating this fundamental skill can present challenges that hinder their everyday interactions and emotional well-being. At Unique Pathways, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to develop communication skills that will provide them a voice.

Our compassionate and experienced team of pediatric speech therapists is here to help. We adhere to a collaborative team approach with you, outside service providers (ABA, SLPs, OTs, PTs), and your child's school to increase continuity and help your child thrive.

We offer holistic, developmentally appropriate, high-quality  Speech & Language services to individuals ages 2-22.   Our speech programs are designed to foster growth in your child's ability to connect with others, advocate for themselves, and communicate their needs.


Our high-caliber Speech & Language Pathologist Assistants (SLP-As) are overseen by our elite and highly-trained SLP-CCC while undergoing continual training, and RBT certification, to maintain the highest level of professionalism and expertise.


Each program is specifically tailored to meet the developmental needs of your child.  Pediatric speech therapy encompasses a wide range of treatments tailored to meet each child's unique needs. Our team at Unique Pathways utilizes evidence-based practices and therapeutic techniques that have been proven to be effective in addressing various speech and language challenges. These therapies can include a focus on:






No two children are alike; we LOVE that!  Our developmentally-appropriate speech therapy focuses on creating and implementing an individualized plan to close skill deficits and improve each child's speech development strengths.

Our team at Unique Pathways is available to serve your family at our safe and friendly centerS, in your child's school, or via Telehealth.

Speech & language therapy services at Unique Pathways allow our trained SLP-CCC and SPL-A team members to partner with each family in the following ways:

  • Speech Assessments

  • Treatment Plans

  • Parent Coaching

  • Partnership outside of the therapy environment

Our Speech

Core Life Skills

Staff at Unique Pathways
Speech Therapy Team
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Articulation - Speech

Articulation Therapy

This focuses on improving speech sound production. Our therapists work closely with children to help them pronounce sounds correctly, thus enhancing their overall intelligibility and confidence.

Speech Therapy Team

Language Therapy

Language therapy targets the development of receptive and expressive language skills. Through interactive activities, we promote vocabulary enrichment, sentence formation, and comprehension, enabling children to express themselves effectively and understand others better.

Ice Cream Activities

Fluency Therapy

For children experiencing fluency disorders such as stuttering, our therapists employ techniques to reduce dysfluencies and promote smoother, more fluent speech. We create a supportive environment where children can increase their confidence and develop strategies to overcome speech disruptions.

Feeding and Swallowing Therapy

Feeding and swallowing challenges may be present with or without speech difficulties. Our team provides specialized therapy to address these issues. We work closely with parents and caregivers to develop appropriate strategies to ensure safe and effective feeding.

how our
programs work


Our speech therapy programs begin with thoroughly assessing your child's speech and language needs. Our skilled therapists work closely with you and your child to create a customized therapy plan tailored to their unique requirements. We understand that every child is different, and our approach reflects that understanding.



Our therapy sessions are designed to be engaging and effective. Your child will work with our therapists regularly to address speech and communication challenges. We believe in making the learning process enjoyable and interactive to encourage progress.


We strongly emphasize the involvement of parents and caregivers in the therapy process. Active participation is crucial in helping your child practice and generalize their communication skills outside therapy sessions. We provide guidance and support to ensure you can actively contribute to your child's development.



Our therapy is "hidden" in play!  Our spaces feature developmentally-appropriate, thematic-play elements throughout.   Indoor & outdoor, fine & gross motor, music, friends, toys, games... your child will love making their way around the bright, colorful, clean, KID-FRIENDLY therapy rooms.


ages 2-7

the INTERMEDIATE & adolescent CENTER

ages 8-22


Parent engagement with the care team and at-home reinforcement of concepts is critical to a child's success. Your child's care team will work with you to develop a custom curriculum plan.  Occasional coaching is required for our parents to continue lessons at home to maximize intervention treatment. Full transparency and communication are an integral part of our partnership; therefore, parents have full access to all our data, and are communicated a daily basis through our encrypted texting system. 


Our SLP's are also able to work alongside your child in settings where extra support enables their success. Schools (usually private) are a typical outlet for this partnership, so as long as the school allows it, we may be able to help in that capacity. Limitations apply.



Assessment for speech therapy is vital for identifying and understanding communication challenges. It provides a targeted diagnosis of speech and language issues, enabling therapists to create personalized intervention plans. The assessment sets realistic goals, tracks progress, and ensures tailored therapy approaches that cater to individual needs. In essence, it forms the cornerstone of effective speech therapy, helping individuals overcome communication barriers and thrive.

Your child will have a short assessment session with our SLP, Justice Stockton. In this session, they will go over a variety of questions that help the therapist determine the presence and/or severity of the impairment. The results of the evaluation will then help the SLP prescribe the therapies needed for your child.


Pediatric speech therapy can address various speech disorders, including:

  • Articulation Disorders: Difficulties in pronouncing sounds correctly, resulting in unintelligible speech.

  • Language Delays or Disorders: Challenges in understanding or using language, affecting comprehension, expression, and social interactions.

  • Apraxia of Speech: A motor speech disorder that affects a child's ability to plan, coordinate, and execute the movements necessary for clear speech.

  • Stuttering: Disruptions in the fluency of speech, characterized by repetitions, prolongations, or blocks in speech sounds.

  • Voice Disorders: Abnormalities in pitch, loudness, or quality of the voice, affecting communication and vocal health.


At Unique Pathways, our primary goal is to empower children to effectively communicate and engage in their daily lives. Our individualized treatment plans are designed to address specific speech impairments and help children reach their full potential. Some common treatment goals in pediatric speech therapy include:

  • Enhancing Speech Intelligibility: Improving children's pronunciation and clarity to enhance their ability to be understood by peers, teachers, and family members. 

  • Expanding Vocabulary and Language Skills: Developing a robust vocabulary and language skills to express thoughts, engage in conversations, and comprehend information.

  • Building Social Communication Skills: Fostering effective communication in social contexts, including turn-taking, understanding non-verbal cues, and engaging in appropriate conversations.

  • Promoting Fluency: Reducing disfluencies such as stuttering and helping children speak more smoothly, confidently, and with decreased frustration.


Feeding therapy is a targeted intervention designed to address challenges in eating, swallowing, and feeding. Typically used for individuals, especially children, facing issues like sensory aversions or oral motor coordination difficulties, this therapy aims to create a positive eating experience. Therapists employ techniques like sensory integration and behavioral strategies to improve comfort and skills during mealtimes, ultimately enhancing overall well-being. Our program encompasses children both on and off the spectrum.


Pediatric speech therapy at Unique Pathways offers a nurturing and collaborative environment where each child's unique pathway towards effective communication is celebrated.  With our evidence-based treatments, experienced therapists, and a commitment to the highest professional standards, we are dedicated to helping children overcome speech impairments and unlock the power of communication.


Together, we'll embark on this transformative journey, providing your child with the tools and support they need to flourish and communicate confidently with the world around them.  We can't wait to hear what your child has to say to the world.

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