Unique Pathways loves to partner with families in a variety of ways to support your child's learning goals, no matter their diagnosis. Below is a brief overview of our services, please contact us to customize service plan for your family's needs. 

Family Services

ABA Services

- Functional Assessments

- Part & Full-Time Therapy Options

- In-Home & Center-based Options

- Self-Help & Leisure Skills

- Natural Environment Teaching

- Adult-Life Skills & Vocational                   Development

- Summer Camps

​Speech & Language

- Articulation

- Comprehension and use of verbal and nonverbal communication

- Pragmatic/Social skills

- Developing conversational skills

- Developing an enjoyment of        communicating, playing, and    interacting with peers

- Improvement of oral motor skills

- Augmentative communication

​Social Skill Groups

- Ages 4 through 18

- Groups held weekly
- Utilizes curriculum for social development
- Serving children with social deficits

- Practical application in the natural environment

Articles & Resources
​Educational Services

- Assessment & Evaluation

- Collaborate with teachers on tasks

- Develop techniques to communicate​  - Assist with program modification​- Provide resources for school staff​

- Shadowing Services

- School Visits

Parent Training

- Weekly One-on-One Sessions in the  home

- Direct Instruction from BCBA or BCaBA

- Collaborative Approach to Parent's          Goals
- E-Learning Opportunities
- Available for a wide range social, emotional, developmental behaviors

Education & Professional Services

School & BCBA Supervision

Independent supervision or part of team of supervisors doing BCBA training

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