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Telehealth is a tool for delivering health care directly to the client using electronic telecommunication technologies without requiring the client/practitioner to travel to receive care. Telehealth can occur synchronously or asynchronously.

Synchronous Transmissions are live, two-way video and audio interactions between the provider and client. This is most commonly used in ABA treatment models. This is the only method used by Unique Pathways, LLC.

Asynchronous Transmissions are “store and forward” transmissions that include the transmission of electronic health records such as video, data, or other health information to a provider at another site for later review. These are not widely implemented at this time. 

Synchronous transmissions are used in the context of the Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Practical Guideline for Healthcare Funders and Managers published by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)

Services Offered:

- Applied Behavioral Analysis

- Speech & Language

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