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Providing private, in-home and center-based, behavioral, and developmental services for children.

Meet the institutions we
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Zoe Hope Foundation

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The Zoe Hope Foundation is dedicated to empowering the disability community through holistic learning experiences and nature play.

ALA Grapevine

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At ALA Grapevine it is our mission to provide a comprehensive curriculum to serve the spiritual, educational and social needs of your child in a Godly manner. We currently serve grades 1-12 using a University Model system. 


ABA is an evidence-based 

approach to understanding behavior and how it is affected by one’s environment. This approach strives to develop and shape behavior to bring about positive and meaningful change in an individual’s life.

ABA has been proven to treat social and behavioral disorders outside of ASD effectively. 

Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy

Speech therapy focuses on improving overall communication, making it possible to improve an individual’s ability to form relationships and develop functional skills necessary for success in social, school, vocational, and home environments.  

Speech & Language Therapy
Social Skills

Social groups are designed based on the age and the development of the student. Curriculum is created to follow developmental milestones from early childhood to adulthood. Our Social Skills groups take place in the Center, natural environments, and are held 1-2 times per week.

North Texas Therapy Innovations

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North Texas Therapy Innovations, P.C. is an association of practitioners who provide treatment in occupational, physical and speech/language therapy.

Megan's Munchies and Moments

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Photography, Cake, cupcakes, and sweet treats! Baking and being creative in the kitchen and behind the camera!

313 W. Wall St., Suite 200

Grapevine, TX 76051

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Monday-Friday: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm


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